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Columbus Day Specials

This Columbus Day, we feature two 14″ cheese pizzas a two liter of soda for $19.99 and it is valid on take-out and delivery.

The question of who discovered America is controversial but a better question is who brought pizza to the United States.

Pizza was brought here in the early 1900’s by you guessed it, the Italian immigrants. Starting in New York City, entering south in New Jersey, and then north in Boston pizza shops with Italian immigrants appeared.

God bless them!!

For those that are enjoying the day off, kick back and enjoy some pizza with us!

People come from all over to enjoy our pizza

True story we have people that come home from Greece and they call from Greece to reserve the shop. All of their friends must meet them at Nikoli’s when they come in from the airport!

We have locals that pass by all shops in the area to come to Nikoli’s and come from Gettysburg, Perry County, the East Shore, Hanover – it is simply amazing!!
They tell us they love us –but WE LOVE THEM!

Monday Night Football

So excited to have beautiful weather and Monday Night Football! Whether you like it or not, it is a great excuse to get take-out!

Cheese pizza

We are offering several specials and the latest is 10 boneless wings, One 16″ cheese Pizza, & 2 liter of soda for $19.99! Since football seems to be on A LOT this week, we are extending it for 7 days a week –ALL SEASON!

boneless wings

We are not saying who we think will win tonight so we are showing a photo of our fave player.

Our favorite football player
Our fave football player


He turns NINE years old this week and is a staple at Nikoli’s when he is not in school or playing sports of course!!

Team moms are special at Nikoli’s

hockey player
Our fave hockey player

Team moms are special at Nikoli’s. Through the years we have fed football, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, cheer, basketball, band, tennis, and we are sure to be missing some teams!

Team moms are special in so many ways. They are looking out for the kids to ensure that at away games during dinner they are fed. They are staffing and stocking concession stands to ensure that every penny that can be raised to help offset activities expenses are earned.

They are coordinating banquets to recognize the kids, the coaches, and offer a nice social gathering for parents that have been running around all season.

If you are a new team mom we are here to make your job easy and want to offer some tips.

  1. Less is more! When offering a selection of foods to kids, we suggest keeping options as simple as 3 choices.
  2. Yes, we have offerings for gluten-free such as grilled chicken salad. During lent we also offer cheese subs or tuna subs to those observing.
  3. What do kids like? Kids love pizza and any chance they can eat it – they will! You don’t have to make a big fuss to make them happy.
  4. Who all will we feed? We suggest you start with your roster. Confirm no additions or deletions on the team, and then see who else is to be included coaches, etc. Get a total and start from there.
  5. Details – We suggest everyone goes without onions. Again, keeping it simple is the easiest way to accommodate all.
  6. Finances – We will give you options to accommodate your group and when you agree upon the selection, you know your price will always be the price of the meal times x amount of heads.
  7. Tailgating –A great way to feed a group quick and easy is either pizza or party subs/sandwich trays. Both are really affordable and easy.
  8. Concessions –We will discount our product and help you price your slices to double your investment!
  9. Banquets–If you can obtain a cafeteria, gym, church, pavilion, we can do a phenomenal job for a little price. We have banquet trays of pasta, salad, meatballs, chicken, dessert, and more. We will keep money in your boosters pocket!
  10. We are a local mom and pop shop that gives back to our community. One of us is a Cedar Cliff graduate. Our younger children are currently enrolled in the West Shore School District and our older children are grads of Trinity High School. When you do business with Nikoli’s you are not investing in Wall Street, you are building a relationship within your community. We sponsor many sports and activities for our youth here in Central PA!

Football is here to stay

Our favorite football player
Our fave football player

Your friends at Nikoli’s is so excited to get back to sunny days, more mild temperatures (that August was a hot one), football, small talk with our customers, and enjoying all the things that make football fun like strombolis, wings, and subs! No doubt you can watch the game at our place in Lower Allen Twp., but if you can’t bear to go out in your sweats, give us a call and our team will deliver to you. No cash? No problem! We will take a card over the phone. Looking forward to spending the season with YOU!

Sicilian Slices

Sicilian slices are like no other! We are fortunate to have our pizza man that is so talented! Sicilian slices are an item that takes time, patience, and dedication. For those that LOVE them, we know they are worth the wait. The only analogy I can compare is when you are waiting for a slice in the oven its like waiting for the turkey and fixin’s on Thanksgiving Day when everyone is anxious for the delicious wonder. Next time you are in, give a slice a try or add one to your order to sample! Guaranteed – you will be back!


Healthy choices at a pizza shop

Everyone chooses Grilled Chicken Salad and while that is a great choice, we would like to suggest buffalo chicken salad. It is the actual buffalo sauce that people like about hot wings, and adding the buffalo sauce to your salad only adds about 30 calories to your meal. Additionally, studies have shown that spicy food speeds up your metabolism. Socially, you may feel more at ease as your meal may be similar to your family and friends. At Nikoli’s we serve it with grilled or crispy chicken. Grilled being the healthier choice.