Healthy choices at a pizza shop

Everyone chooses Grilled Chicken Salad and while that is a great choice, we would like to suggest buffalo chicken salad. It is the actual buffalo sauce that people like about hot wings, and adding the buffalo sauce to your salad only adds about 30 calories to your meal. Additionally, studies have shown that spicy food speeds up your metabolism. Socially, you may feel more at ease as your meal may be similar to your family and friends. At Nikoli’s we serve it with grilled or crispy chicken. Grilled being the healthier choice.

One thought on “Healthy choices at a pizza shop”

  1. Broadly, opting for a meal from a fast food chicken restaurant can be healthier than eating at a burger or pizza place.  However, you still need to make careful choices. Much of it has to do with how the chicken is prepared—grilled or rotisserie chicken is far healthier than battered and fried, for example.

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